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Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Might Be On

Every automobile owner dreads the day that their check engine light comes on. It could be something small, or it could mean that you need an expensive vehicle repair. Modern-day vehicles are made run with hardly any problems if they are properly maintained, but periodic mechanical issues still do occur. If your check engine light does come on one day, you might be persuaded to ignore it. After all, as long as your car is still running you should be okay to drive it, correct? Not exactly. Your check engine light appears when part of your vehicle needs some attention. Sometimes it's minor, but other times it could be a serious problem waiting to happen.

To avoid a pricey vehicle repair, it's in your best interest to get to the root of your check engine alert as soon as possible. Bring your vehicle into AI and Sons auto shop and we will diagnose the problem for you. We are the most trusted auto repair shop in the city. No car or truck repair service is too big or too small for our dedicated team of mechanics. Here are some common reasons your check engine light might come on:

Catalytic Converters near Diamond Bar

The function of a catalytic converter is to decrease the amount of carbon monoxide released into the environment by your vehicle. Carbon monoxide is incredibly harmful to the environment, so your catalytic converter transforms it into carbon dioxide instead. If you are good about getting routine maintenance performed on your vehicle, you will likely never have a problem with your catalytic converter. However, if you've neglected to have your car or truck checked by a professional mechanic on a regular basis, it may fair and cause your check engine light to come on.

A Loose Fuel Cap

That's correct, sometimes your check engine light might come on for something as simple as a loose fuel cap. When you pump gas into your vehicle, you may accidently leave your fuel cap on too loose, or neglect to close it at all. When that happens, your check engine light might come on as a way to warn you that you need to tighten your fuel cap appropriately. Other times, your fuel cap may be worn to the point that it does not tighten appropriately. In this instance, simply changing your fuel cap should take care of the problem. If a loose fuel cap is the cause of your check engine light coming on, you can easily remedy the problem yourself without the need of an auto repair service professional.

Mass Airflow Sensor

You mass airflow sensor is different from your oxygen sensor but still performs a vital function in your vehicle. This sensor is responsible for measuring the total about of air that enters into the combustion chamber of your engine. From there, it will determine the proper air to fuel ration necessary for your engine to run smoothly. When this part of your engine fails, it could lead to issues with your spark plugs, oxygen sensor, and catalytic converter. Other than your check engine light, you may not know that your mass airflow sensor is experiencing a problem until further occurs.

The best means to avoid an unexpected trip to the auto shop is to have scheduled maintenance checks, oil changes, and other routine automotive services performed on your vehicle by a reputable auto shop. If your check engine light does come on, be sure to bring it in to the trusted mechanics at AI and Sons right away. We will quickly diagnose the problem and give you a fair and honest quote for your automotive repair. From breaks, to transmissions, we pride ourselves on giving all of our customers top quality auto service at affordable prices. Come find out for yourself why we stand out above the rest of the auto shops in town.

Spark Plug Malfunction or Malfunction

Your car relies on your spark plugs to ignite properly. Spark plugs emit electricity that initiates an ignition that is needed for combustion and the burning of fuel. Spark plugs can go bad over time, causing them to lose their ability to generate the high volt electricity needed for them to work appropriately. When this happens, you will typically notice that your car or truck vibrates when you come to a stop light or if you're in slow traffic. In some cases, your automobile may spontaneously shut down together. Looking into your check engine light correct away could help you avoid these problems. Your trusted mechanic at AI and Sons can quickly replace your worn spark plugs to make sure you're not left stranded at a stop light.

Another problem that might cause your check engine light to come on is damage to the wires attached to your spark plugs. Like the spark plugs themselves, these wires can become worn and need replacing to keep up engine performance.

Oxygen Sensor Failure

The oxygen sensor in your automobile is responsible for detecting the presence of oxygen together with carbon dioxide being released through your vehicles exhaust. When the sensor registers oxygen, it will regulate your fuel in such a way that combustion is increased to help avoid engine jerking. If your oxygen sensor fails, your automobile may still seem to be running normally. However, you may soon find that you're experiencing fuel efficiency issues as your vehicle runs through gas at a faster pace. What's worse, certain components within your engine, such as your catalytic converter, might begin to deteriorate.

Vacuum System Issues

Your vehicles vacuum system serves several different purposes. Your brake booster is operated by a vacuum, for example. But your vacuum system is also used to keep harmful emission levels down by filtering the fumes that are generated when fuel evaporates within your engine. Sometimes, your vacuum system can experience a leak which renders it unable to perform these vital tasks within your engine. Vacuum leak repairs are a relatively simple vehicle service, however, if left unchecked a leaking vacuum could lead to bigger problems.

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