It is absolutely crucial for your safety and the safety of your passengers that you always make sure that your brakes are in peak working condition. Your brake system is one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle and must be maintained on a regular basis. We highly recommend that you do not try to fix or replace your brakes on your own. Improperly installed brakes can break down quickly and do damage to your vehicle as well cause a severe safety hazard. Make sure that you trust a professional and experienced eye with your brake repair or brake replacement services, such as Al and Sons Automotive.

If you’re hearing squeaking or squealing noises or grinding when you engage the brakes, this means that your brakes are in need of service or even replacement. You may also start to feel like your brakes are “loose,” having to push the pedal down much further and harder to engage them. All of the signs point to normal-use wear and tear and that you’ll require service immediately. If your brakes go out while operating on the road, you’ll pose a serious threat to yourself, your passengers, and to other operators around you.

Give us a call or visit the shop today. We have over 50 years operating as a full service brake shop, ensuring that your brakes are tight and ready to stop your vehicle whenever and wherever you need them to. We’ll give your brakes a full inspection before giving you a fair and honest estimate. Then, we’ll get to work, ensuring that your brakes stay reliable for the long haul.