Engine Repair Shop Rancho Cucamonga

The mere mention of engine repair can send stress straight down a car-owner’s spine. Unfortunately, engine trouble is a necessary reality of owning a vehicle and when it arises, it must be handled quickly and properly. Don’t let the stress of minor engine repair work turn into a huge, major financial problem. At Al and Sons Automotive, we promise that our engine repair services are quick, honest, and thorough. Our certified and professional mechanics use only the best techniques paired with state of the art equipment, ensuring that your engine repair or engine replacement is done correctly, on-time, and with minimal stress.

Trust the lights on your dashboard! They are there for a reason! If your check engine light pops on while you’re driving, give us a call as soon as you can. We’ll inspect your car from top to bottom alongside computer diagnostics to uncover what issue is happening under the hood. We’ll get that light turned off in no time!

If you’re experiencing any of the below signs, it’s important that you call us IMMEDIATELY:

• Harsh banging or knocking under the hood.
• Excessive exhaust smoke.
• Vehicle not performing up to standard.

We urge you not to try and fix the problem yourself. Engines are complex systems and require experienced eyes and techniques. You could very well do more damage to your engine than you set out the fix, resulting in an enormous financial burden. If you need engine replacement or engine repair, come visit us today. We’ll get the job done quickly, thoroughly, and a fair price that won’t break the bank.