Wiper Blades Rancho Cucamonga

Don’t get caught in an intense rain storm before realizing that your wiper blades require repair or replacement. Windshield wiper blades are an often overlooked yet vital component of your vehicle’s safety features. If your blades are worn down and aren’t properly protecting your windshield from heavy rain or if the mechanical functions are failing, you’ll need to have it serviced as soon as possible. Neglecting this basic need is a potentially dangerous mistake for you and your passengers, let’s avoid that.

The mechanical functions of your wiper blades are complex and while replacing them may seem like a simple task, you’d be surprised to see how often it’s done improperly. If you bring your vehicle to Al and Sons Automotive for wiper blade replacement or repair, you can remove that concern. Our expert, professional, and certified mechanics will make sure that your wiper blade repair is done quickly, thoroughly, and correctly. This keeps your car on the road for the long haul, no matter the storm.

It’s important that you pay us a visit every 10,000 miles to keep your wiper blades up to date. Staying diligent with this task keeps your vehicle safe and secure for you and your loved ones. We have over 50 years of proven and trusted service, so there’s no reason not to bring your vehicle in. We only provide excellent, professional, and friendly service. Best of all, we do it at a price that won’t break the bank. Our priority is getting you back on the road, as safe and secure as possible.