Auto Diagnostics Rancho Cucamonga

The best way to ensure that your vehicle stays running at optimal efficiency is by having frequent and consistent inspections and diagnostics. At Al and Sons Automotive, we just know cars, inside and out. After all, we have been in business over 50 years! We’ve seen it all, and we always know what steps to take to prevent problems from affecting your car. The best way to stop these issues from happening is to avoid them in the first place.

Modern vehicles all have computers installed that control their various system components and electronics. These computers are particularly useful because they enable the vehicle to effectively “tell us” what’s wrong with it. However, specialized tools and knowledge are required to translate what the computer is trying to tell us. Our auto diagnostic service crew have precisely those tools and experience. We’ll interpret the diagnostic data, putting it to use when servicing your vehicle. This way, we can actively work to prevent dangerous and financially draining situations or breaks from happening.

If it’s been a while since your vehicle last received services, or if you’re having issues and are unable to pinpoint its origin, bring your vehicle into our shop! Our automotive diagnostics team will hook your car, truck, or SUV into our state of art computer system readers. Once we have the answers that we need, we’ll run you through a comprehensive list of services that need to be done, if any, and give you a fair and honest cost estimate.