Without a reliable starter, you can’t even be sure that your car will turn on! This fact alone makes your starter a significant part of your vehicle. Don’t risk getting stranded at home before work, at the park, at the store, or wherever because of a malfunctioning starter. Get your starter replaced or repaired as soon as possible to ensure that your vehicle is reliable whenever you need it the most. It’s crucial that you have an experienced mechanic perform your starter auto repair services. With such a significant piece of your engine ignition system, don’t trust just any shop, come visit us at Al and Sons Automotive.

There are various signs to let you know that you’ll need to replace your starter. These include your engine turning over slowly/resisting, unusual noises, and non-reliable vehicle operation. These will only get worse over time, so the quicker that you can get the situation resolved, the better for you and your vehicle. Most of the time, when vehicles are hesitant or won’t start, we’ll begin at the starter.

Our expert start repair service will have you reliably back on the road in no time at all. Our mechanics are expertly trained, certified, and use only the latest tools to get the job done. Over the course of our 50 years as a business, we’ve learned the best techniques to resolve starter replacements quickly and effectively. Most of all, we make sure that our replacement or repaired starters run efficiently and consistently for the long haul. At Al and Sons, we don’t work on short term fixes, just long term solutions.