In the state of California, brake and lamp inspections are needed to ensure that all operating vehicles are safe and secure with full braking and lighting capabilities. Al and Sons Auto is proud to say that we offer fair  honest brake and lighting inspection services to all California residents at affordable prices. Brake and lamp inspections are also required anytime a vehicle is being salvaged or retitled. We strictly follow all state regulations to ensure that our customers are operating safe vehicles.

If your car does not pass brake and lamp inspection, fear not! Our expert team of professional mechanics will help ensure that you pass the next round. We’ll deliver you a comprehensive list of what needs to fix and an estimate of how much it will cost to fix them. Whether you choose our service to repair the issues or not, we want to make sure that you’re always well-informed.

As a state registered brake and lamp inspection site, it’s our promise that we will always be fair and honest, while also respecting the law and the safety of yourself and other drivers. We will NEVER fail a vehicle to push our own services. With over 50 years of automotive experience, we wouldn’t still be here if we pursued unethical tactics such as that. You can trust that we’ll meet every inspection need and work hard to get you back on the road as soon as possible.